Thursday, November 2, 2017

Summer of Playing Ball

This Summer was definitley a busy one with all the ball playing going on. We had Jax playing flag football, Luke playing baseball, Tayt, Luke and Nash playing CUDA football and Peyton playing varsity football. So here comes an overload of pictures!

Nash #12

Luke running with the ball.


Peyton's team

Peyton #3

Will, Meg and Homer waiting for home run balls. #72

Chris and Mallory coaching baseball.

Peyton- baseball

Jax at flag football




Baseball- Luke #9
Peyton #3

Smoke from the cannon which got shot off after every touchdown.
Tayt #72

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Cool barn in Illinois

This summer has been full of storms with crazy clouds and rainbows!

Kayaking-my favorite past time

Sadly summer time means getting braces which also means the pulling of four teeth-poor Lia

Soft ball for Jax getting a hand shake from Peyton

Wouldn't be summer without a trip to the cabin


John and Mal

Getting the jet ski ready


John and Claire